JUICY 《果汁》

《新艺术季》 @贺绿汀 • 发布于 2014-11-13
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水果和音乐有很多相同点。两者都很生动多彩,构造几何规整,但即使是在最简单的设定中,它们都不是纯粹抽象的东西。音乐植根于情绪和身体,而水果则激起味觉和嗅觉的联想。它们的感染力无形而强大。即使是最简单的旋律和最普通的水果都可能强烈地感染人类的感官世界。所以,这两者可以说是交互媒体的完美组合。 这个作品得到了技术支持和斯坦福大学的约翰 埃德玛克教授的协助。2014年版本使用了由IRCAM的Arshia Cont 开发的Antescofo分数跟踪系统。

作曲Jaroslaw Kapuscinski
多媒体设计Jaroslaw Kapuscinski
钢琴演奏Jenny Q Chai

Juicy (2009, 10 minutes)

Fruits and music have a lot in common. Both can be vividly colorful and structurally geometric but even in most formal settings they are never purely abstract. Music is anchored in emotions and the body, while fruit evokes associations of taste and smell. Their expression can be strong yet effortless. Even the simplest melodies or commonest of berries can be intense and… sensuous.  A perfect couple for an intermedia dance. The work was produced with technical assistance and collaborative input from John Edmark at Stanford University. The 2014 version using score following system Antescofo was developed with Arshia Cont at IRCAM.